It is time to help rescue Angelina, Elizabeth's best friend, and ensure her the wonderful life and family that she deserves!

The Clark family has met their fundraising goals for their adoption for Elizabeth, and now are working very hard to try and rescue Elizabeth's best friend Angelina! When Nina, Elizabeth's mom, told me she would be working to save Angelina, how on earth could I not jump on board??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Angelina--iPad Giveaway to Help Save Angelina...Elizabeth's Best Friend!

Another amazing giveaway to save an amazing little girl! Elizabeth's best friend, Angelina, needs a grant. Because she is an "older child" on Reece's Rainbow, the grant must be $10,000+ to stay with her. So what do we do about that?! We raise $10,000.00+ to help save her from a "life" in an institution.

Sweet Angelina: iPAD GIVEAWAY - FUNDRAISER FOR ANGELINA!: "Hello and Welcome! If you are just joining us and are new to our blog, let me briefly share with you about our story. My name is Nin..."

More than money though, Angelina REALLY needs a family! Are you her family? Do you know who might be? I wish so much that it could be me and my family, but unfortunately we are left unable to even consider it due to the strict medical rules for adoptive parents in her region. But I would love nothing more than to be responsible for finding her a family. Look at her beautiful, sweet face. Know that her medical listing looks scary, but much of it is not too serious. Know that she is a beautiful little princess that would love to come home to your family.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fundraiser/iPad Giveaway to Rescue Angelina, Elizabeth's Best Friend!

Now that the Clark's have met their fundraising goals for Elizabeth, they are making the amazing decision to help rescue her very best friend Angelina!

Check it out! Details coming tomorrow! It's time to save Angelina by raising money for her and finding her a family. I cannot wait to see who gets to bring this beautiful little girl home to their family. I only wish her country didn't have such strict medical guidelines for adoptive parents, or I would insist on being her Momma!

Angelina and Elizabeth last summer just before Elizabeth was transferred.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Winner of the iPad is....Amy Heiss

Winner of the Nook reader is...Patti Rice

Winner of the Sarah Briggs earrings is...Scott

Winner of the $50 Home Depot gift card...Andrea Hall Brown

Winner of the $50 gift card is...Carrie Murray

Winner of the $25 gift card is...Sara Clyborne!

Winner of the Little Lassos are: Wendy Bergerson, Liz Handlin, Lauren Shingleton, Layne Russell, Elizabeth Monroe and Christi Harrison

Winner of the Bree's Bows and Cuties Bow Hanger is Kara

Winner of the Cashmere socks is Martta Howard

CONGRATS EVERYONE! Please contact me with your information so that I can get your prizes mailed to you!!!!

The initial drawing had a few repeats, so I did the simple redraw on until I got new winners.

Fifteen minutes until the drawing!!!

A special thank you to EVERYONE who made this fundraiser/giveaway week possible and so successful.  Our current total raised during the week was......

$3,255.00!!!!! WOW!

Also, a very special thank you to for their $50.00 gift card donated to the prizes!

I did not get a chance to add them to the prize page, so I just want to give that extra special shout out!!!

I am going to get everything set up and start posting the winners as soon as they are selected.

Keep an eye out for updates!

Order of selection:
First number drawn for the iPad
Second for the Nook
Third for the Sarah Briggs earrings
Fourth for the $50 Home Depot gift card
Fifth for the $50 Scissor Happy gift card
Sixth for the $25 Little Love Bugz gift card
Seventh-Twelfth the 6 Little Lassos
Thirteenth for the Brees Bows and Cuties Bow Hanger
Fourteenth for the Cashmere socks

Loading up the spreadsheet now!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Check out the prizes at stake for your donations: PRIZES

We have just ONE more day in this awesome fundraiser and giveaway! If you notice, our comments are still only around 50 and many of those are duplicate entries.  Your chances of winning something are FABULOUS, and all you have to do is donate to Elizabeth and spread the word.  Prizes are amazing and a new prize is being added today!!!

Please consider donating $5.00, $10.00 or $100.00! Then leave a comment to be sure and get entered into the drawing tomorrow at noon.  iPad, Nook, Sarah Briggs jewelry, $50.00 Home Depot gift card, $25.00 Little Love Bugz custom baby items gift card, 6 Little Lassos!!! to giveaway, cashmere socks hand-knitted!, and a final prize being added today--$50 gift credit to!!!!

Join the final push to raise money for Elizabeth and the Clark family.  Its time for her to come home!!!